People who made a sacrifice.

How do you fight oppression?

It’s hard to know where to start when a Supreme Court Justice can change the world with the stroke of a pen.

It will take risks.

It will take being uncomfortable.

It will take sacrifice.

But you don’t have to give everything up all at once. No one expects that. No one starts out that way.

Start with one small sacrifice.

Cancel Netflix and make a monthly donation to a candidate who needs it.

Take an hour a week to make phone calls or knock on doors.

Boycott one company who makes donations to liars and insurrectionists, and make sure they know why.

Before you know you’ll be giving up more and more. Fighting harder and harder.

Do one thing.

One thing will lead to another.

One thing will ripple out.

One thing will mean everything.



Andrew Singleton

Andrew Singleton

Writer, photographer, artist, ad creative, eater, breather, sleeper. Published on McSweeney’s, Medium, and the occasional bathroom wall.