I’m not voting because one vote doesn’t matter, nothing matters, the universe is a cold, unfeeling vacuum

We all know this is a big election. Americans have already turned out in record numbers to express themselves on the key issues that will impact all of our lives both now and far into the future. And don’t get me wrong, I would love to join them and make my voice heard at the voting booth this year. Sadly, I just don’t think it’ll make much of a difference. You see, I live in a state that’s basically never up for grabs politically — in a universe devoid of meaning, morals, or reason.

I’ve always wanted to participate in an election and help shape our future. Unfortunately my state has gone consistently to one political party since 1976 and I reject morality, construction of meaning, and all affirmations of life. No question, I would absolutely vote if I lived somewhere like Ohio, if Ohio also existed in a reality with order and purpose where God was real and all of human achievement amounted to more than a pile of bones on a speck of dust drifting through an endless and indifferent abyss. But alas, I reside in a non-swing state, that, of course, itself resides on a temporal plane in a vast and uncaring cosmos.

Sure, some argue that regardless of the outcome, voting is an essential part of living in a connected society, and the simple act of considering people outside yourself and making an informed and responsible decision for their greater good is at its core an act of love and humanity. And that’s great if you’re voting somewhere like Nevada, and believe there’s such a thing as humanity to begin with. But let’s be realistic. When has one vote ever meaningfully affected an election outcome? And when has any outcome, or any human action at all for that matter, meaningfully affected anything? Meaning is a myth, life is chaos with no intrinsic purpose, and the universe is just a grim, cosmic coincidence. Plus, it’s not like I live in Florida or something.

Others argue that voting is simply the right thing to do. I, however, reject all moral, ethical, and normative claims of right and wrong. We are all just corpses who have yet to die.

Or Iowa. I would totally vote if I was registered in Iowa.

Look, I believe in democracy as much as the next guy, I just don’t see the point of voting if my state isn’t realistically up for grabs this election. I don’t see the point of anything, ever, because to me life has no point. It’s a series of inputs and outputs, and we’re merely complex nervous systems reacting to stimuli. But man, if I was reacting to stimuli in Pennsylvania, and wasn’t too cynical and sociopathic to ascribe greater meaning to it all, you better believe I’d be in line at the polls.

Wait. Did I say I believed in democracy? I believe in nothing. Sorry for the miscommunication.

Speaking of belief, can we even be sure that Joe Biden and Donald Trump exist? The self is all that can ever be known with any certainty, therefore voting, or any action undertaken for any purpose other than self-satisfaction is useless. To cast a vote for either candidate would be akin to casting a pebble into an abyss. And I really haven’t paid that much attention to the down-ballot races.

I guess I’m saying if I lived in Michigan and held any beliefs, values, or notions about life and its reason for being at all I would vote. But I don’t.

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